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In Italy the 7th OECD World Forum on Well-being

 May 21, 2024

The Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) will sponsor the 7th OECD World Forum on Well-being, that will be hosted in Rome from 4 to 6 November 2024.

The event is part of the activities in the G7 Finance Track in the year of the Italian Presidency and aims to promote, at an international level, the adoption of frameworks for the formulation of evidence-based policies centred around the achievement of equitable and sustainable well-being. It will look at practice examples, both during the design and forecasting phase as well as during the phase of evaluation and impacts analysis.

High-level representatives from G7 financial economic organisations, policy makers, statisticians, academics and experts from the private sector, civil society and other sectors, during the five round tables, will discuss topics such as: the development of policy frameworks oriented towards equitable and sustainable well-being, the measurement and statistical methodology as well as analysis of well-being indicators, climate change, technological innovation and the use of artificial intelligence, and the next steps in the well-being agenda. Other topics to be addressed, and of a transversal nature, will include gender inequalities, inequalities and poverty, physical and mental health, and ageing population.

Italy is the first among EU and G7 member countries to have included in its Economic and Financial Planning Documents (EFD and its Updates), since 2017, twelve indicators of Equitable and Sustainable Well-being (Benessere equo e sostenibile, or BES, in Italian). By doing so, Italy ensures a systematic high-level monitoring of the well-being conditions of the Italian population, underpinned by statistical updates of ISTAT, as well as the evaluation of measures adopted to reach the 2030 Agenda objectives.

An overview of the agenda which will be updated on a continual basis, is available at:

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