Benvenuto sul sito del Ministero dell’Economia e delle Finanze, conosciuto anche come Portale mef

Contenuto principale


Cabinet Office

Head of Cabinet

Stefano Varone


Deputy Head of Cabinet Finance Police

Roberto Manna


Deputy Head of Cabinet

Italo Volpe


Deputy Head of Cabinet

Nicoletta Fusco


Deputy Head of Cabinet

Raphael D’Onofrio


Deputy Head of Cabinet

Simone Vellucci


Deputy Head of Cabinet

Valentina Gemignani


Director of the Cabinet Office

Barbara Luisi

General Managers tasked with consultancy, study and research

Simona Manzo

Secretariat of the Minister

The head of the Secretariat of the Minister oversees the offices of the Secretariat of the Minister, and coordinates and organizes the Minister’s institutional commitments.

Head of Secretariat

Pamela Morassi

Technical Secretariat

The Technical Secretariat provides the Minister with specialized assistance in the economic field for the drafting, setting, and evaluation of general and sector policies; the identification of public finance interventions necessary for their implementation; and for subsequent policy choices regarding the location and use of financial resources.

Head of Technical Secretariat

Dr. Riccardo Ercoli

Diplomatic Advisor

Aldo Amati


The Advisors have exclusive statutory tasks in the area of counselling, general assistance with the functions attributed to the Minister.

  • Francesco D’Amuri
  • Donato Masciandaro
  • Fabio Pammolli
  • Emilio Piergiuseppe Vadalà
  • Paolo Visca
  • Enrico Zanetti

Aide de Camp

Mario Salerno

Legislative Office

Responsible for preparing and drafting legislation, verifying its applicability, carrying out research, providing advice, and examining the legislation submitted to the Council of Ministers and legislation drafted by Parliament.

Head of Legislative Office Coordination

Daria Perrotta


Head of Legislative Office Economy

Daria Perrotta (interim)


Head of Legislative Office Finance

Spokesperson and Press Office

Provides the media with news and deeds regarding the political and institutional activity of the Ministry, with the goal of promoting and disseminating knowledge on legislative provisions, and promoting the Ministry’s initiatives in a clear, transparent, and timely manner.
The Spokesperson oversees the activity of the Press Office and coordinates the communication of political activity of the Ministry.

Spokesperson and Head Press Office

Iva Garibaldi