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- Exchange transaction via electronic trading system


Press release N° 9 of 01/15/2024

The Ministry of the Economy and Finance (MEF) announces that an exchange transaction via electronic trading system will be held on January 17, 2024. One bond will be issued in exchange of up to five bonds to be bought back.
The following bond will be issued:

Type ISIN code Issue Date Maturity date Coupon
BTP IT0005560948 01 Sep 2023 01 Mar 2034 4.20 %

The issued nominal amount of the above mentioned bond will not exceed 4,000 million euros.
Basket of Government bonds for exchange transaction (subject to buyback) will be:

Type ISIN code Issue Date Maturity date Coupon
BTP IT0005367492(*) 01 Apr 2019 01 Jul 2024 1.75 %
BTP IT0005001547(*) 01 Mar 2014 01 Sep 2024 3.75 %
CCTeu IT0005252520 15 Apr 2017 15 Oct 2024 ---
BTP IT0005282527(*) 15 Sep 2017 15 Nov 2024 1.45 %
BTP IT0005045270(*) 01 Sep 2014 01 Dec 2024 2.50 %
(*) The security has at least one tranche issued "ad hoc" for REPO operations.

The buyback prices of the bonds admitted for the exchange transaction, to be chosen within the above list, will be directly and exclusively visible on the electronic platform the auction day at 10 a.m. The exchange transaction will take place from 10 a.m. and finish no later than 11 a.m. of the same day.
The allotment of the bond to be issued will take place at the price offered by each operator and accepted by the MEF.
Only “Specialists in Government Bonds” will be allowed to participate in the exchange transaction. No placement fee will be paid for the transaction.
The transaction will be settled on January 19, 2024.

Rome 01/15/2024
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