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- Government Bonds: the Auction calendar for 2024 is now published

Online also the Public Debt Management Guidelines and the Quarterly Issuance Programme for the 1st quarter

Press release N° 182 of 12/22/2023

The Ministry of Economy and Finance announces that is now available online the 2024 Public Debt Auction calendar containing dates of auctions, announcements and settlements for all government securities for the coming year.

Together with the calendar, also the 2024 Public Debt Management Guidelines, where the debt management strategy is presented for the coming year, are published as well as the Quarterly Issuance Program related to the first quarter of 2024, containing all the details on the bonds to be issued in the first quarter together with the overall volume of medium-long term debt issuance expected for the next year and a summary of the most recent developments on the macroeconomic and public finance side.

With regard to the year 2023, Italy issued public debt securities for about 516 billion euros, including almost 360 billion euros of medium-long term bonds and just over 156 billion euros of BOTs (T-bills).

The average cost at issuance, at the end of the 2023, consistently with global rising interest rates scenario, was 3.76%, that compares with 1.71% of 2022.

The average life at the end of 2023 remains stable at around 7 years (6.97 years compared to 7.04 years of 2022). This data improves further if also SURE and NGEU European loans are considered. In the latter case the average life moved from 7.31 of 2022 to 7.25 years of 2023.

The above-mentioned documents are available on the section of the Department of the Treasury devoted to Public Debt at the address

Rome 12/22/2023