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- Adopted the freezing decree of the boat Scheherazade


Press release N° 85 of 05/06/2022

Pursuant to Article 11 of Legislative Decree n. 109/2007, the investigations conducted by the Nucleo Speciale di Polizia Valutaria (Guardia di Finanza) highlighted the presence of significant economic and business links of the beneficial owner of the boat Scheherazade with prominent elements of the Russian government and with other subjects included in the list reported in Annex I of the Regulation (EU) n. 269/2014 of the Council (17 March 2014). This Regulation concerns restrictive measures in respect of actions undermining or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine. Flying the flag of the Cayman Islands and moored in Marina di Carrara, the boat had long been under the attention of the authorities.

Based on these elements, the Financial Security Committee (FSC) proposed to the Council of the European Union the inclusion of the actual owner of the boat in the aforementioned list.

As proposed by the FSC, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Daniele Franco, adopted the freezing decree of the boat Scheherazade (IMO 9809980), pending the adoption of the aforementioned restrictive measures proposed to the European Union by the FSC.

 The freezing decree (Italian version)