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- 2021 Public Debt Auction calendar and Public Debt Guidelines are now online


Press release N° 282 of 12/23/2020

The Ministry of Economy and Finance announces that the 2021 Public Debt Auction calendar – containing dates of auctions, announcements and settlements for all government securities for the new year – and the Public Debt Guidelines describing public debt management strategy and objectives for 2021 – are now available online.

Moreover, the BOT auction calendar is available, which also contains the exact maturity of the Treasury bills that will be issued during the year. The 3-month BOT will be offered, only when it is deemed necessary in relation to specific needs for liquidity management, on the same day of the 12-month BOT, following the usual communication to the market. The offering of the so-called flexible BOTs is still possible and it could be proposed to the market either at mid-month or month end.

In 2020 Italy issued 550,688 million euros of government securities, including 368,873 of medium-long term bonds and 181,815 of BOTs (Treasury bills).

The average cost at issuance in 2020 was 0.59% compared to 0.93% of 2019.

The average life at the end of 2020 is 6.95 years.

The above mentioned documents are available on the section of the Department of the Treasury devoted to Public Debt at the address

Rome 12/23/2020