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- Buy Back Transaction through the Government Bond Sinking Fund


Press release N° 209 of 12/13/2018

The Ministry of Economy and Finance announces that the following Government bonds’ buy back market transaction has been executed through the Sinking Fund. To this end apposite mandate has been conferred to intermediaries selected among the Specialists in Government bonds, according to article 48, paragraph 2, letter a) of Decree 30 December 2003, n. 398.

The below mentioned bonds have been repurchased:

Security Maturity Date Settlement ISIN Repurchased nominal amount (mln €)
CCTeu 07/15/2023 12/17/2018 IT0005185456 100.00
CCTeu 02/15/2024 12/17/2018 IT0005218968 100.00
BTP 08/01/2022 12/17/2018 IT0005277444 150.00

Summary of all transactions executed on the Sinking Fund is available on the Treasury
Department website at the following link: