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- Tax revenue stable, up 0.4% in November 2011


Press release N° 6 of 01/16/2012

The "Tax Revenue and Compulsory Contributions November Report" is available on the Department of Finance site ( The Report was compiled in compliance with Article 14, comma 5, of the law governing accounting and public finance (Law n. 196 of 31 December 2009).

Also available for the January- November period is the Tax Revenue Bulletin, which includes statistical appendixes as well as the normative guideline. The Bulletin provides a detailed account of tax revenue trends and the related Technical Note where the main contents are outlined.

In the January-November 2011 period, tax revenues amounted to € 364,388 million (+€1,586 million), up by 0.4% over the same period of the previous year. The following is a detailed analysis.

Direct taxes declined 1.5% (-€3,041 million) compared to the corresponding period in 2010 due principally to weakening IRE revenue.

IRE revenue decreased slightly, down 0.2 % (-€229 million), and was sustained by the positive performance of revenues from withholding taxes imposed on the wages paid to employees in both the public and private sectors (+1.1%) and on the income of self-employed workers (+1,1%), which partially compensated the decrease of the revenue from self-liquidation, which, in turn, was impacted by the 17 percentage point fall of the 2011 IRPEF advance payment.

IRES revenue, net of the substitute taxes introduced with the 2008 Budget, was substantially stable at € 35,550 million from € 36,464 million.

Indirect taxes rose 2.9% (+€4.627 million) over the corresponding period in 2010, emerging as the main driver of tax revenue growth.

VAT increased 1.8% (+€1,801), mostly driven by taxes levied on imports (+20.6%, equivalent to +€2,714 million), which reflected the rise of energy prices at the beginning of the year.

Income from gambling recorded an overall growth of 10.6% (+€1,200 million), mainly sustained by the earnings from lotto (+31.8%, equivalent to +€1,504) and from slot and other gambling machines (+6.4%, equivalent to +€209 million).

Income from the tax on methane gas consumption rose (+10.0%, equivalent to +€387 million) reflecting, as a consequence of the way the tax is calculated, the increase in gas consumption in 2010.

Also rising was the income from the tax on mineral oils (+1.9%, equivalent to +€322 million), following the tax rate increase which was decided to collect fresh resources for the humanitarian crises and the flooding in Liguria and Toscana.

Net of the non-recurrent income recorded in February 2010, revenue from the transaction tax was in line with the corresponding period of the previous year.

Income from tax payment notices in connection with auditing and controlling activities was also positive, rising 18.3% (+€858 million).

Total tax revenues in the 2011 January-November remained substantially stable, recording a 0.4% increase.

An international comparison - based on the information provided in the "Monthly Bulletins" of tax revenues in France, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, United Kingdom and Spain - is also available on the website of the Department of Finance.

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