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- Press conference to present the "basic bank account", a significant step towards curbing the use of cash


Press release N° 49 of 04/20/2012

On Tuesday 24 April, at 10am, at the Ministry of Economy and Finance in via XX Settembre 97, the Economy and Finance Vice Minister, professor Vittorio Grilli, will speak to the press and outline the features of the basic bank account stemming from the agreement between the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Banca d'Italia, ABI, Poste Italiane, the Associazione Italiana Istituti di Pagamento e di Moneta Elettronica and the collaboration of consumers and pensioners' associations, in accordance with the provision of the "Save Italy" Plan (art. 12 decree law 6 December 2011 converted into law no. 214 of 22 December 2011).

The basic bank account is one of the projects the Government has embarked on as a means to combat money laundering and to promote the use of efficient payment instruments and satisfies the endorsed need for financial inclusion, ensuring access to basic banking services for all.

Attendance by journalists and television crews will require prior accreditation through an email to be sent to or by phoning 06 4761 4360.

Rome 04/20/2012