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- MEF to host tomorrow a press conference to announce the "basic account", considered as a significant step forward in curtailing the use of cash


Press release N° 53 of 04/23/2012

Tomorrow 24 April at 10 AM at the Ministry for the Economy and Finance - via XX Settembre, 97, vice minister for the economy and finance Prof. Vittorio Grilli will be attending the press conference called to outline the features of the "basic account," the new banking account which is the outcome of an agreement involving the Ministry for the Economy and Finance; the Bank of Italy; the ABI; Italian Post; the Italian association of digital currency providers and exchangers, in cooperation with consumers' and pensioners' associations, as part of the "Save Italy" austerity measures (art. 12 of legislative decree of 6 December 2011, converted into law n. 214 of 22 December 2011).

The press conference will be attended by Fabrizio Saccomanni, director general of the Bank of Italy; Giuseppe Mussari, chairman of ABI; and Maurizio Pimpinella, chairman of AIIP.

Also attending will be INPS officials and consumers' and pensioners' representatives.

The basic account is part of the government's drive to curb cash payments and to encourage more efficient payment tools. The initiative is aimed at widening fiscal inclusion by ensuring access to basic banking services for all.

Journalists and TV crews who wish to attend should seek accreditation by sending an email to or by phoning 06 4761 4360.

Rome 04/23/2012