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- Italy and Switzerland agree on holding financial and fiscal talks


Press release N° 58 of 05/09/2012

In talks held today between the diplomatic counsellor for the Italian economy and finance ministry Carlo Baldocci and the secretary of state of the Swiss federal finance department Michael Ambúhl, head of the secretary of state for international financial issues, discussed a number of questions concerning finance and taxes. In view also of the recent developments at a European level, the discussion focused on an agreement aimed at regulating assets held in Switzerland by non-resident taxpayers and at introducing a withholding tax on future financial earnings. Also tackled were issues such as access to the financial markets, existing black lists, the review of the bilateral agreement to avoid double-taxation, with related exchange of information, and the fiscal obligations of border workers.

The parties agreed on empanelling a steering committee whose task would be to solve the outstanding issues mentioned above and which would meet for the first time on 24 May 2012.

The parties announced with satisfaction that the question concerning the rebates due to frontier workers has been solved and that the related payment order in favour of Italy has been given.

Prime minister Mario Monti of Italy and president Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf of the Swiss Confederation are also expected to meet in the near future.

Rome 05/09/2012