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Press release N° 177 of 12/04/2012

An Italian-Vietnamese workshop on the subject of audit and inspection for the public finance was held this morning at the Ministry of Economy and Finance. The meeting, facilitated by the Office of the Diplomatic Advisor of the Minister, was attended by representatives of the Inspectorate General of Finance, headed by the Inspector General Chief, Dr. Domenico Mastroianni, and a delegation from the Vietnamese Ministry of Finance, led by Chief Inspector Mr. Nguyen Kim Lien and assisted by the Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Vietnamese Embassy, Mr Bui Vuong Anh. The Vietnamese delegation is visiting Italy these days in the framework of a program of the Minister for Finance aimed at sharing international experiences in the field of inspections and audits.
During the meeting, after a short overview on the financial control system in Italy, the Italian representatives described to the guests the activities of the Inspectorate of Public Finance, focusing in particular on the organization patterns and on the technical procedures adopted. The delegations had the opportunity as well to compare their audit systems and their main techniques and experiences in the field of on site inspections.

Roma 12/04/2012