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Press release N° 6 of 01/13/2010

The results of the second monitoring carried out in connection with the application of the Joint Notice regarding the suspension in the repayment of the debts incurred by small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) have today been disclosed. The Notice had been subscribed by the economy and finance minister; by ABI, the Italian banking association; and by the representatives of companies operating in all sectors.

As from 30 November 2009, approximately 84,000 applications were submitted.

Considering the time taken to process applications (approximately 30 days), up to 55,000 requests have already been handled in November relating to the suspension of the payment of over € 5 bn in mortgages and leasing agreements. The remaining applications will be processed in December, with data being disclosed at the beginning of February.

In addition, the scope of the Joint Notice has been broadened to include a number of operations that are of key importance in the agricultural sector and also the postponement in the payment of mortgages that have received public sector subsidies if explicitly deliberated by the subsidy provider.

The list of public subsidies will periodically be communicated to the signatories of the Joint Notice by the Treasury Department of the Ministry for the Economy and Finance on the basis of the indications given to it by the entities that provide the subsidies.

This integration will be effective within 30 days.

Rome 01/13/2010