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Press release N° 181 of 11/26/2009

The international conference on Italy's External Competitiveness was held in Rome at the Ministry for the Economy and Finance on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 November.

The event was organised by the Treasury Department in cooperation with the Riccardo Faini Observatory (set up with the participation of the Treasury Department in Fondazione CEIS Economia Tor Vergata), the Manlio Masi Foundation and the Institute for International Affairs ("Istituto Affari Internazionali").

Marking the Observatory debut, the event tackled a number of issues among which the competitiveness of our country and its enterprises and productive resources.

The first session, Measuring Competitiveness, focused on the analysis of competitiveness and related measures, with a particular stress on the impact on prices of several determinants (exchange rates, wages and productivity) and on the structural aspects of external competitiveness.

Graphs and tables were shown to illustrate the development of competitiveness in the Italian productive system seen against a backdrop of significant changes such as the adoption of the Euro and the spread of Chinese products across the globe and the subsequent adaptation of business strategies.

The second session, Business Services, Competitiveness and International, while focusing on the issue of services, stressed the role these played in the dynamics of Italian competitiveness. The aim of the session was to highlight the increasingly strategic role the services sector plays in the corporate world at an international level both as a factor of competitiveness for manufacturing enterprises and in terms of trading and foreign direct investments (FDI).

The studies presented at the conference, while focusing on the importance of this specific segment of the tertiary sector in the European scenario, provided an overview of Italy's industrial performance in international markets.

The conference closed with a round table on Competitiveness, Internationalisation and Services in the Post-Crisis Scenarios.

Documentation relating to the topics discussed at the conference is available at the following link:

Rome 11/26/2009