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Press release N° 202 of 12/29/2009

"95 and 98. These figures provide an initial evaluation of the "Repatriation of capital to Italy" operation.

95 billion euros (equal to 190,000 billion of the former lire) is the amount of operations. Of this volume, the actual repatriation funds to Italy account for 98 per cent.

These figures are an extraordinary mark of success, a sign of our economy's strength and of confidence in Italy. But also of intelligence. The commitment of the G20 major countries is indeed as follows: "The time of tax havens is over for good". Taking or keeping money in tax havens is no longer convenient, not from an economic nor a tax standpoint. The interest is minimal and the risk is too great.

The reopening deadline of repatriation operations with rate increases for April 2010 is final and definite. The alternative in each of the G20 countries consists in the application of the new and very effective anti-evasion regulations."

Rome 12/29/2009