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Press release N° 3 of 01/06/2009

MinisterGiulio Tremonti met with the President of the Regione Molise, Michele Iorio,and the ministry's advisors, today.

In recentmonths President Berlusconi has expressed the Government's willingness toeliminate system inequalities affecting civil servants of the region of Molise.

Withtoday's meeting, a technical solution has been found to the issue concerningthe resumption of the payment of taxes and social security contributionsrelating to the areas of Molise and the province of Foggia, this decision beingentirely consistent with recent provisions addressing identical cases in theregions of Marche and Umbria.

Theexpected amendment concerns the provision for conversion into law of decree-law29 November 2008, no. 185, currently being discussed by the Chamber ofDeputies.

Specifically,following an amendment submitted December last by a number of deputies of thePDL, the collection of revenue, suspended since the year 2002, is expected tobe resumed on 1 January 2010; tax payments, social security and insurancecontributions and premiums owing are expected to be reduced to 40%; outstandingamounts will be paid in instalments and the regime applicable to civil servantsis expected to be fully levelled with that of private companies' employees.