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G20 India, Giorgetti: we carry the positive legacy of the Italian G20 agenda

Focus on challenges that divide the world. Summit concluded in Bangalore

“At the conclusion of this G20 in Bangalore, there is always the satisfaction of the positive legacy of the Italian G20 with the definition of the bottom lines on many points. I am thinking of international taxation, from the two pillars – the right to tax and the global minimum tax – to the health protection plan”

This is what Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti said on the side-lines of the G20 summit held in India, during which issues linked to debt and the economic fragility of emerging and developing countries were explored. The agenda also included the regulation of cryptocurrencies, the taxation of multinationals and the financing of measures to combat climate change.

As to the rest,” underlined Minister Giorgetti at the conclusion of the G20 meeting, “the war in Ukraine and above all the climate challenge have been exacerbating and intensifying divergences. Energy security and food insecurity are splitting the world in two. Not only is the race for energy transition divisive,” concluded Giorgetti, "the issue of control over critical raw materials is also causing a rift on the western front between the US and Europe, which is itself very fragmented. Instead of eliciting a global response, the challenge of the green transition is causing disagreements and splits at all levels.

During the three-day international summit in Bangalore, Minister Giorgetti attended the G7 session dedicated to the Ukraine crisis, and met, among others, bilaterally with his counterparts from India, Argentina and Canada, among others.