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Press release N° 76 of 05/15/2009

The list of dormant accounts referred to in Article 4, paragraph 2 of Presidential Decree No. 166 of 2007 will be available for consultation on the Ministry of the Economy and Finance's website ( from 18 May 2009, as regards those that met the requirements of dormancy between 17 August 2007 and 31 December 2008,

The accounts number 35,426 in total, having a total value of € 47,143,850.09.

Up until the date of payment by the financial intermediary into the dormant deposit fund, interested parties may ask the said intermediary to interrupt the dormant period. It should be remembered that the final deadline for payment by financial intermediaries is 31 May 2009. Following the date of payment into the dormant deposit fund by the intermediary, interested parties may, within the standard limitation period, make a request direct to this Ministry for repayment of the relevant sums.

The Ministry releases the following information concerning the total sums represented by banker's drafts and life policies notified by the intermediaries and which are to be transferred by 31 May 2009 to the dormant deposit fund, having met the conditions laid down by legislation concerning limitation - being paragraphs 345-ter and 345-quater of Article 1 of Law No. 266 dated 23 December 2005. The relevant sums are: € 231,125,498.39 (of which € 165,121,675.02 notified as at 15 November 2008) for banker's drafts and € 7,863,789.22 (of which € 233,470.51 notified as at 15 November 2008) for life policies.

It should be pointed out that this data is incomplete.

Rome 05/15/2009

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