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- First Tap Issuance results

Press release N° 97 of 05/06/2020

The Ministry of Economy and Finance announces the results of the first Tap issuance reserved to the Specialists in government bonds communicated yesterday. The issuance took place through the electronic trading system.

Issued bond BTP 01 Mar 2026 BTP 01 Feb 2028
ISIN code IT0004644735 IT0005323032
Coupon 4.50% 2.00%
Tranche 19 17
Allotted amount* 467.000 533.000
Outstanding amount* 22,466.898 23,077.136
Transaction date 6 May 2020
Settlement date 8 May 2020
Weighted average yield 1.445 1.676
Weighted average price 117.006 102.394
Minimum accepted price 116.930 102.290
Maximum accepted price 117.100 102.530
Coupon accrued days 68 97

Starting from next transaction the results of such special operations will be published on the dedicated pages of the Treasury Website Public Debt section.

(*) Million euros
Placement reserved to the Specialists in Government Bonds.


Rome 05/06/2020
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