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- Buy Back Transaction through the Treasury Cash Account

Press release N° 102 of 06/22/2018

The Ministry of Economy and Finance announces that today a Government bonds’ buy back transaction has been executed through the Treasury Cash Account. A specific mandate has been conferred to intermediaries belonging to the Specialists in Government bonds list.

The bonds repurchased are reported below:

Security Maturity Date Coupon ISIN Code Purchased Nominal Amount (Euro) Outstanding amount (Euro)
CCTeu 15 Nov 2019 0.929%(1) IT0005009839 150,000,000 12,529,855,000
BTP 01 May 2020 0.70% IT0005107708 150,000,000 16,158,150,000
CCTeu 15 Dec 2020 0.532%(1) IT0005056541 400,000,000 14,968,775,000
(1) Annual yield referred to the current semi-annual coupon

The transaction will be settled on June 26, 2018 Rome, 22

Rome 06/22/2018