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Ministry of Economy and FinanceReduction of Placement Fees for medium-long term government bond auctions

Press release N° 92 of 04/10/2014

The Ministry of Economy and Finance announces that, based on current general conditions of the government bond market, placement fees for allotted participants of medium-long term government bond auctions have been modified.
Starting from tomorrow, Friday, April 11th 2014, medium-long term government bond auctions will be held with a new level of fees as indicated in the table below:

Type of government bond Maturity Current Fees  New
BTP/BTP€i 3 year area 0,20 0,15
5 year area 0,30 0,25
7 year area 0,35 0,30
10 year area 0,40 0,35
15 year area 0,40 0,35
30 year area 0,40 0,40
CTZ Any  maturity 0,20 0,15
CCT/CCTeu Any  maturity 0,30 0,25

Therefore, starting from the same date, all issuance decrees of government bonds listed in the above table will include the new level of fees.

Rome 04/10/2014

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