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Press release N° 34 of 03/18/2013

The Ministry of Economy and Finance announces the next issue of BTP Italia, from April the 15th until April the 18th 2013, unless early closing.
The BTP Italia, issued for the first time on the 19th of March 2012 by the MEF and tailored to retail needs and for investors interested in preserving their purchasing power, reached a volume of 27 billion euros over three issuances.
For the current one, the first of the twos announced for 2013, the BTP Italia keeps the same financial characteristics, even if some innovations on the issuance procedure will be introduced.
Similarly to the previous issues, the placement of BTP Italia will take place on the MOT, the Borsa Italiana (London Stock Exchange) screen-based market for securities and government bonds. For a better management of future redemptions, the MEF will keep the faculty of closing the issuance earlier, by giving adequate communication to the market.
Investors can purchase the bond, for a minimum lot of €1,000 or multiples, through their banks’ desk or at the post office - where they hold their securities account - or directly online through the home banking system, if the trading function is active.
The fixed guaranteed minimum rate of return will be communicated close to the day of placement by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.
For more information about the characteristics of the bond and for assistance please go to the following website:


What is BTP Italia?
BTP Italia is an Italian government security indexed to the Italian inflation rate, with semi-annual coupons and a maturity of four year, conceived principally to meet the needs of retail investors. It provides investors with the protection against an increase in the level of prices in Italy, with the semi-annual coupons that offer a guaranteed minimum annual real rate linked to the FOI index (Indice dei prezzi al consumo per le famiglie di operai e impiegati, al netto dei tabacchi)

Key Features
Maturity: 4 years
Guaranteed minimum real rate
Semi-annual coupons calculated on the revalued capital
Immediate inflation hedge through principal revaluation paid every six months
Nominal principal guaranteed at maturity, even in case of deflation
Final bonus for physical persons that purchase the bond at issuance and hold it until maturity

Roma 03/18/2013

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