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- Additional instructions regarding the fulfilment of mandatory information disclosure on the part of financial intermediaries in connection with dormant accounts

Press release N° 26 of 03/02/2012

As a supplement to the MEF press release of 3 March 2011 on this topic, the following is announced.

Intermediaries must communicate, through the Electronic Certified Post system (PEC), all the required information in connection with the legislation governing dormant accounts in a single email addressed to Consap S.p.A. and MEF at the following addresses:; .

The two PEC mailboxes can only receive data organised according to the format described in the page dedicated to Fondo conti dormienti ("Dormant Accounts Fund") of the CONSAP site (, after having been checked in the Verifica trasmissione degli elenchi section


Any information communicated to only one of the two PEC mailboxes mentioned above, therefore failing to comply with the mandatory requirements, will be discarded, even if the system will acknowledge reception. Emails merely containing information requests will likewise be discarded by the system.

Any other communication or request must be sent by PEC to when addressing MEF, and to when addressing Consap.

It should be borne in mind that all documents in the email body text must be digitally signed by the legal representative of the intermediary with a non-expired certificate, and that the message signed in this manner must be sent from PEC systems that can be traced back exclusively to the intermediary who is complying with the requests set down in art. 4, comma 2 of the D.P.R. 22 June 2007, n.116.

All the other instructions given in the press release of 7 March 2011 are hereby confirmed.

These measures will come into effect starting from 7 March 2012.

Further information is available at

Rome 03/02/2012