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Press release N° 194 of 12/01/2010

The state sector showed a provisional requirement for the month of November 2010 of approximately 5,000 million euros, down by about 200 million euros compared to the figure of 5,221 million for November 2009.

The recorded borrowing requirement for the first eleven months of 2010 was, overall, about 76,900 million euros, down by about 11.800 million euros compared to 88,673 million euros for the same period in 2009.


In terms of revenue, the state sector borrowing for the month of November 2010 showed the overall positive trend in tax revenue, compensating for the end of the EU solidarity funding received in 2009 as aid for the damage caused by the earthquake in the Abruzzi region. In terms of expenditure, the greater impact of net financial flows with the European Union and state administration expenditure is, in part, offset by more moderate withdrawals by local administrations from state treasury accounts.

Rome 12/01/2010