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Press release N° 176 of 11/03/2010

Interim state borrowing requirement in October 2010 amounted to approximately € 7,500 million, down by approximately € 3,500 million from the sum of € 11,054 million recorded in October 2009.

Total state borrowing requirement in the first ten months of 2010 was approximately € 72,000 million, down by € 11.500 million from € 83,452 million recorded in the corresponding period of 2009.


Compared to October 2009, the state borrowing requirement in October 2010 reflected a slower spending dynamic in the public administration sector as well as the postponement of a number of payments to the following month of November.

On the revenues side, the balance was impacted, in line with estimates, by lower substitute for return from capital interests and revenues, which was nevertheless largely compensated for by the overall good performance of other fiscal revenues.

Rome 11/03/2010