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Press release N° 49 of 04/02/2010

The state sector borrowing requirement on a provisional basis for the month of March 2010 was around 18,100 million, around 3,500 million higher than the figure of 14,617 million for March 2009.

In the first quarter of 2010, a total requirement of around 26,900 million was recorded. As a result, a positive margin of around 3,200 million was secured on the requirement of 30,147 for the same period in 2009.


Compared to the same month in 2009, the requirement for March 2010 primarily reflects levels of income from revenue and contributions having held firm.

Turning to payments, there was an increase in withdrawals from Treasury accounts on the part of local authorities, as well as an increase in interest payments on the public debt.

Rome 04/02/2010