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Press release N° 174 of 10/27/2010

As of last July 12, the Treasury Department has set up an IT portal ( where fully-owned state companies, including those listed in ISTAT S13, can enter as prescribed by law.[1]

After registering themselves in the portal, the above companies and entities will be provided with a password and required to communicate their corporate data and Certified Electronic Mail (PEC).[2]

Starting 6 October it is also possible to enter information concerning banking, postal and Treasury current accounts. Data to be entered by 12 November 2010 must refer to the month of July.

All data must be updated within 90 days from the month such data refers to.[3]

With a view to facilitating the opening of accounts and the uploading of data, two email addresses have been created: to provide technical assistance, and to provide information with regard to the contents of the normative.

[1] The project is part of the implementation stage of the decree issued on 25 February 2010 (published in Gazzetta Ufficiale of 1 April 2010, n. 76); this decree constitutes the implementation provision of article 18, comma 1, of the decree of 1 July 2009, n.78, converted with amendments into Law n. 102 of 3 August 2009.
[2] This IT procedure is set down in comma 2 of article 4 of the decree dated 25 February 2010.
[3] The data are those indicated by article 3 of the decree dated 25 February 2010 (published in Gazzetta Ufficiale of 1 April 2010, n. 76)
Rome 10/27/2010