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Press release N° 134 of 09/01/2010

The state sector showed a temporary requirement for the month of August 2010 of approximately € 8,000 million, slightly higher than the requirement recorded in the corresponding period in 2009 by approximately € 900 million.

The annual requirement is thus substantially in line with forecasts.

In fact, overall borrowing requirement in the first eight month of 2010 amounted to approximately € 51,700 million, down by some € 9,100 million from € 60,798 million recorded over the same period in 2009.


With respect to the corresponding period in 2009, the state sector requirement for the month of August 2010 showed a substantially unchanged volume of tax revenue, which benefited, as in the previous year, from the deferment of tax payment due dates applicable to taxpayers subjected to statistics-based assessment.

On the payment side, the balance in August was impacted by lower tax refunds, largely compensated by lesser payments to local Administrations.

Rome 09/01/2010

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