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Press release N° 85 of 06/05/2009

TheMEF announces the issuance of the following treasury bonds, to be auctioned on 11 June 2009, and settled on 15 June 2009:

- BTPs (Long Term Treasury Bonds):

startdate: 1 June 2009; first tranche

maturity: 1 June 2014


ISIN:to be assigned

startdate: 1 February 2008; twelth tranche

maturity: 1 August 2023;


ISIN: IT0004356843

Inaddition, the MEF announces the issuance of the following off-the-run treasurybonds, for the same date of 11 June 2009 and with settlement on 15 June 2009:

- BTPs (Long Term Treasury Bonds):

startdate: 1 February 2006; sixteenth tranche

maturity: 1 August 2021;

coupon: 3.75%

ISIN : IT0004009673

Theabove-mentioned bonds will be placed using the uniform-price auction mechanism,with allotment price and issuance amount being set discretionally within anissuance interval to be announced in a subsequent press release.

Theamount placed will be determined excluding bids at prices considered to beunfavourable on the basis of market conditions.

Italian,EU and non-EU banks as well as brokerage companies and EU and non-EU investmentbusinesses referred to in the decrees authorising the issuance of the above-mentionedbonds are eligible to participate in the auction.

Thedealers referred to above may bid on their own account or on behalf of thirdparties.

Eachbid submitted must state the relevant offer price. Each dealer may submit up toa maximum of three bids, each at a different price and for a minimum amount of500,000 euro of nominal capital. Any bid below the minimum amount will not beconsidered. Each bid must not exceed the issuance amount; any bids in excess ofthe issuance amount will be admitted only up to that amount.

Priceswill vary by a minimum of one euro cent; any variations by a different amountwill be rounded upwards. The minimum sum subscribable is one-thousand euro.

Bidsfrom dealers must be submitted by the deadlines set down in the calendar belowand by means of electronic bid sent to the Banca d'Italia via the NationalInterbanking Network in accordance with the technical procedures established bythe Banca d'Italia and familiar to dealers.

Inthe event that not all bids at the uniform price can be accepted, allotmentwill be on a pro-rata basis, with rounding as required.

Theallotment price shall be announced by way of a press release, which shall alsostate the amounts allocated to the specialists in the last three auctions.

Dealersparticipating in the auction shall arrange for the bonds allocated to be assignedto subscribers and no additional charges will be requested on top of theallotment price.

Settlement of the bonds allocated bydealers will be at the allotment price and with payment of daily interest fromthe day following the start date of the current coupon to the day of settlement.

Aspayment for collecting bids from the public, commission will be paid to thesaid dealers, commensurate with the nominal amount of bonds allocated, being:

-0.30% for BTPs 3.50% 1.6.2009/2014

-0.40% for BTPs 4.75% 1.2.2008/1.8.2023

- 0.40% for BTPs3.75% 1.2.2006/1.8.2021.

Bondswill be reservable by the public via the above-mentioned groups of dealers bythe deadline set down in the calendar; brokers may request a payment on accountof the nominal amount reserved as security for completion of subscription.

Onsettlement date, the subscribers will pay the sum due for the bonds allocated,on the basis of the allotment price, as well as daily interest due. A receiptwill be issued on payment.

The calendar for subscription operations is as follows:

  BTPs maturity 1.6.2014 BTPs maturity 1.8.2023 BTPs maturity 1.8.2021
Public to reserve by 10 June 2009 10 June 2009 10 June 2009
Submission of bids to auction: by 11.00am on 11 June 2009 11 June 2009 11 June 2009
Settlement of subscriptions 15 June 2009 15 June 2009 15 June 2009
Daily interest payable (days) 14 134 134

Statebond specialist dealers are eligible to participate in the placements of statebonds that will take place automatically in addition to the issuance auctions.

Theoffer of an additional tranche is fixed, with respect to each issue, atan amount not exceeding:

- 25%of the maximum nominal amount offered with respect to BTPs 1.6.2014,

- 10%of the maximum nominal amount offered with respect to BTPs 1.8.2023,

- 10%of the maximum nominal amount offered with respect to BTPs 1.8.2021.

Specialistswho did not participate in the issuance auction shall not be eligible to participatein the additional placement.

Theadditional allocation will be at the allotment price established at the auctionfor the current issuance.

Theterms and conditions for the participation of specialists in the additionalallocations are set forth in the relevant decrees authorising the issuance ofthe above-mentioned bonds.


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