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Ministry of Economy and FinanceDORMANT ACCOUNTS LIST

Press release N° 187 of 12/05/2008

As of 5 December 2008 the dormant accounts list referred to in art. 4, paragraph 2, of Presidential Decree no. 116 of 2007 is available for consultation on the Ministry of Economy and Finance web site (

Up to the date of payment to the dormant deposits Fund by the financial broker, interested parties can contact the financial broker to arrange for the dormancy status to be discontinued. Please note that the deadline for the payment by financial brokers is fixed at 15 December 2008. Once the financial broker has effected payment to the dormant deposits Fund, interested parties may directly request that this Ministry return the related sums, within the customary limitation period.

Total number of dormant accounts 1,071,590

Partial data relating to the amount of dormant accounts notified to the Ministry of Economy and Finance at 15 November 2008

Deposits of sums in cash 781,755,444.35
Financial instruments 16,648,655.15
TOTAL 798,404,099.50
Rome 12/05/2008

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