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Gualtieri met Rifkin: the Green New Deal in the focus of talks

Rome, October 22, 2019 – The Minister of the Economy and Finance, Roberto Gualtieri, met the American economist and environmentalist Jeremy Rifkin. The Italian and European Green New Deal as a cornerstone of new sustainable development strategies was the focus of the meeting. Rifkin, for over 40 years one of the forerunners of environmental issues, expressed great appreciation for the new approach to sustainable development of the Italian Government, and shared the proposal to separate environmental investments from the calculation of the structural deficit.
“We need a new approach to support the sustainable development, we just need more investments and I really appreciate the Italian approach”, said Mr. Rifkin.
According Minister Gualtieri, “The Green New Deal is crucial to fight the climate change and to revamp sustainable investments. In this framework it is mandatory to strength public and private investments also by introducing a Golden Rule to ensure more favorable treatment for sustainable investments within the Stability and Growth Pact”.

 Video: interview with Jeremy Rifkin

Interview with economist Jeremy Rifkin on the MEF YouTube channel