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Giorgetti: focus on Africa is already reality, will also be special goal in G7 Italy presidency

The minister spoke at the Italy-Africa Summit held today at Palazzo Madama in Rome

Rome, 29 January 2024 - "Italy is paying special attention to Africa. As Minister of Economy and Finance, I can assure you that this focus is already a reality. For the Italian G7 Presidency, Africa is a top priority,' said Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti in his speech at the 'Italy-Africa Summit. A bridge for common growth' held today at Palazzo Madama in Rome.

"A great African thinker of Antiquity, who moved to Milan and then had a huge impact on the formation of European thought and cultural and spiritual identity, said that 'the world is like a book. Those who do not travel read only one page'. It is a quote from St. Augustine, which I share, and it is also for this reason that I thank you for the long journey that has brought you here,' Giorgetti said, addressing the many participants at the summit, which was attended by heads of state, heads of government and ministers of African nations, the African Union, as well as representatives of the European Union, major International Organisations and International Financial Institutions and Multilateral Development Banks.

"Infrastructure, energy networks, transport and digital connectivity, such as the ELMED submarine cable connecting Italy to Tunisia, are a key ingredient for the success of the African free trade area," said the titular of via XX Settembre, illustrating the different lines of work the MEF deals with within the G7 Italy: from the prevention of debt crises to green infrastructure, to combating climate change and health/pandemic preparedness. "We will continue,"Giorgetti added, "the debate on reforms of the Multilateral Development Banks by supporting situations of fragility, to address circumstances and instability. African countries have enormous potential and need access to regional and global value chains. This requires a new model of partnership with investors and foreign countries. This is why Italy is here,' the minister emphasised, 'this is what the Mattei Plan concretely offers”.

"During the Italian G7 Presidency, work will be done to improve the diversification of supply and production chains,” said Giorgetti, who went on to highlight the role of the international financial institutions, "key partners, their expertise, financial capacity and transformative role are invaluable. Italy, an important shareholder in these institutions, is one of the main donors'.