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2023 Budget Law approved by Parliament

Giorgetti: “mission accomplished – accounts, families and fragile people safeguarded”

Rome, 29 December 2022 – Now that the Senate has given the final go-ahead to the 2023 Budget Law, as approved by the Italian Council of Ministers on 21 November 2022, the parliamentary approval process is concluded.

I am satisfied with our first economic manoeuvre. I see it as an accomplishment. It was written in record time and against an exceptional, unfavourable backdrop. Not only does the budget we have presented honour the commitments we made to our voters, it also earned the trust of the markets, of European institutions and, even more importantly, of Parliament. Prudence, consistency and responsibility build trust. Onwards and upwards”, declared the Italian Minister of Economy and Finance Giancarlo Giorgetti.

I would like to thank all the people who have supported me,” the Minister continued, “in this short and intense journey – I believe that the effects of this manoeuvre will be seen over time. It is a courageous, forward-looking text that seeks to build a new social order that will favour and protect children and the new generations. Alongside a system of measures designed for families and the most fragile,” Giorgetti emphasised, “there is the will to dismantle a system of bonuses and measures which, though very useful when launched, would have undermined the market and endangered public accounts with a risk to Italy's stability as a country system if confirmed.

The manoeuvre totals EUR 35 billion, a large part of which – around EUR 21 billion – has been earmarked for measures against rising bills for households and businesses.