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Ministry of Economy and FinanceDetails on the new 15-year BTP placement

Press releases N° 29 of 02/12/2020

The Ministry of Economy and Finance announces the placement details of the new 15-year BTP, maturing on the 1st March 2036, with a 1.45% annual coupon.

More than 400 investors have taken part to the transaction with a total amount requested of above 50 billion Euros. Slightly more than half of the issuance has been allotted to fund managers (about 53%), while a share of about 23% has been subscribed by banks. Investors with a long-term investment horizon have bought 18.5% of the issuance (in particular pension funds and insurance companies for 12%, while central banks and official institutions have been allotted for 6.5%). Hedge funds have subscribed 5.3% of the total amount issued. Also non-financial institutions (corporations) have taken part to the transaction with a residual share of 0.2%.

In terms of geographical residence of investors, the placement has been extremely diversified with the involvement of investors coming from more than 30 countries: foreign investors have been allotted for 63.4% of the issuance, while domestic ones have bought a share of 36.6%. Among foreign investors, the participation of those from North America has been relevant, as they have been allocated for 13.3% of the total issuance. The rest of the placement has been allotted mainly to investors from Europe (45.2%), and in particular from Germany (10.3%), UK (9.9%), Nordic countries (7.4%), France (6.3%), Iberian Peninsula (5%), Switzerland (3.3%), Benelux (1.2%) and other European countries (1.8%). Also noticeable has been the presence of Asian investors, that have received around 2.7% of the amount issued. The rest of the issuance has been subscribed by Middle Eastern investors (1.9%), while a residual share has been bought by investors resident in other countries (0.3%).

The bond has been placed through a syndicate structured with five lead managers, Goldman Sachs Int. Bank, Morgan Stanley & Co Int. PLC, Nomura Int, Société Générale Inv. Banking and UniCredit S.p.A, while the remaining Specialists in Italian Government Bonds participated as co-lead managers.

Rome 02/12/2020

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