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Ministry of Economy and FinanceSTATE SECTOR REQUIREMENT FOR OCTOBER 2008

Press release N° 190 of 12/15/2008

The Ministry for the Economy and Finance announces the data in summary form for the state sector for the month of October 2008.

State sector requirement for the month of October 2008

  EUR million
Components of Requirement  
Income 35,751
Expenditure 48,746
of which: expenditure on interest 9,327
Requirement (-) / Availability (+) -12,995
Total 12,995
Short Term Bonds 6,002
Medium/Long Term Bonds 14,160
Foreign Bonds -581
Other transactions (1) -6,586

(1) Includes Post Office deposits and savings and the variation in the Treasury Account.

In compliance with the International Monetary Fund's Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS) programme, the calendar for publication of the data set out above can be consulted at ( -Collegamento a sito esterno).

Rome 12/15/2008

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