Fiscal Agencies

Agenzia Del Demanio - Public Land Agency

The Public Land Agency is one of Italy’s four fiscal agencies (the other three being the Italian Revenue Agency, the Agency for the Territory, the Customs Agency) set up as part of the Ministry’s reorganization under Legislative Decree no. 300 of 1999.

Under Legislative Decree no. 173/03, this Agency took on the form of a for-profit public entity, Ente Pubblico Economico (EPE).

The organizational features and operating tools of this public entity - an autonomous legal person operating in the Public Administration - are those pertaining to private law.

The Public Land Agency, therefore, pursues public interest objectives by adopting principles of cost-efficiency and economic and social value-creation criteria in managing the state’s real estate assets.

The Agency also manages confiscated criminal assets.

The Agency operates through the following bodies: the Director, the Management Board and the Board of Auditors. In addition, the Agency is subjected to the State’s Auditors Court auditing activity which involves, among other things, the attendance of an Auditors’ Court magistrate at Management Board meetings.

The Agency’s current organizational structure is as follows: a Central Directorate (with office in Rome) and 16 local branches and a number of offices under their authority.

The Agency’s activities are supervised by the Ministry of Economy and Finance in accordance with the policies set down in the Three-year Policy Act which is sent yearly by the Minister.

The yearly Services Contract, executed between the Ministry and the Agency governs relations, services provided and related compensation.